RUND SHAMI (Showrunner, Writer, Director)

Rund Shami is an Arab-American writer who’s created and worked on multiple digital series, some of which were nominated/awarded at Miami Web Fest. She currently works as the Writers Assistant on HBO Max’s Harley Quinn and was formerly the Writers’ PA on Disney+’s Big Shot. She is also a member of the Blackmagic Collective’s Future Women of Television. She graduated with a major in Screenwriting from the University of Miami where she was a staff writer for UMTV’s late night comedy show, Off The Wire.

ERIC KEVIN CECIL (EP, Animator, Writer)

Eric Kevin Cecil (call him Kevin) is an Austin, TX-based animator and VFX artist who served as VFX coordinator for the web series “Meme Boy” and as creator of the animated film “Ruby.” When not crisscrossing the country by car or plotting to overhaul the American political system, Kevin works in post production for a TV company in Austin.

HENRY UHL (EP, Writer)

Henry Uhl is a comedy writer-producer from San Diego, California. He studied philosophy at the University of Miami before returning to the best coast to pursue a career in TV writing. He currently works at Lightstorm Entertainment in Manhattan Beach, CA. Henry’s comedy is dark, absurd, and often written for animation.


Beliz Eryilmaz is a Turkish-American producer who majored in motion pictures with a focus on production at the University of Miami. She was an executive producer for a digital series and three different stage productions. She currently associate produces an original solo play, “My Mom Thinks… Melissa Center is Marrying Jake Gyllenhaal” which is set to debut virtually in the fall of 2020.


Informally trained, Richard cut his acting teeth on using his higher-pitched voice to confuse telemarketers into thinking he was a woman. A writer at heart, Richard got his MFA in Screenwriting from the University of Miami and spends most of his time writing surreal comedies. He earned a bachelors degree in Political Science from Florida State University so he could win political debates on the internet.


Samantha Ferrand is a graduate student earning her MFA in Directing at Chapman University Dodge College of Film & Media Arts. Her work has screened in festivals across the United States and Europe, acclaimed for her acting, writing, and directing style. Her feature film debut as leading lady in the indie feature, The Last Thanksgiving, is currently doing a festival run.


Davern Wright is an actor, writer, composer, lyricist, and director. His acting credits include Marin Shakespeare Company, 42nd St. Moon, Golden Thread Productions and many others. He is a Writer’s Digest Annual Competition Award Winner, a multiple Playground SF Award winner, a Playwrights’ Center Many Voices Fellowship Finalist, and a Princess Grace Award Semi-Finalist.  He has an M.F.A. in Film Production from the University of Southern California and a B.A. in Theatre from Williams College.

Additional Crew

Additional Crew: Emily Broeckaert, Edward Punales, Willis Berry, Laura Quesada, Karthik Mohan Vijaymohan

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